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As a child I always had a fascination with animals and creatures big and small. Especially reptiles and dinosaurs! As I got older and began reading novels, I instantly gravitated towards high fantasy. I read several of the Dragonlance books and fell in love. I spent countless hours drawing creatures of all different kinds.

The environment has always been a special interest of mine. I love to spend my time watching nature documentaries or outdoors sketching anything I can get my eyeballs onto. Learning how the world works is fascinating to me and definitely helps me add an extra layer of depth to my work.

I pay as much attention to detail as possible and spend every moment I can improving my art with practice and observation. Each dragon, Scaley or beast has a name and a story that I can't wait to share.

I live in the great wilderness known as New Jersey with my husband and small zoo of pets who provide a ton of inspiration, when they're not climbing all over my desk and impeding my work.

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