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A Wild Armature Has Appeared

I have a terrible habit of leaving things incomplete. I start one thing, only to later start another. This is something that I have been working on, but have not yet been able to adjust.

I mention this because I sat at my work table to finish up a pair of earrings I had been picking at for about a week. It has been a tough week so my opportunities to work on them have been limited. Instead my hands started doing something a little different…

I found some cheap dollar store wire and it just felt like a perfect base for a smaller armature. So I got to work.

What a handsome little creature

Added some foil, tape and my filler clay to bulk it out and then I started to work on the head and face. 

Queue montage music

My game plan is to work on the face and head then bake him so I can freely work on the body, legs and tail without worrying about smudging or ruining it in any capacity. Considering that this was a random creature I began, I am very excited to see where he will end up. 

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