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Challenging Yourself as an Artist - Twitch Tales

I think one of the most important ways to grow as an artist is to try to push past your boundaries. Not just of the art itself, but the boundaries of your own "inspiration." I think as artists we spend a lot of time making excuses not to art. Which is crazy when you think about it. Art is supposed to be a labor of love. A passion. But how often do you sit down, stare at a blank page and resign yourself to lack of inspiration. And then, what's worse, you quit!

AH! No!

This is a terrible idea. Even if you have no idea what to art, you should art anyway.

One good way to push yourself to art? Join a community or a challenge! And I have a super one to recommend. Every week on Wednesday, A4ManArtist (Adam), hosts a Twitch stream where he and his viewers choose a prompt then have 1 hour to draw it out. And we all do it together. It's pretty crazy.

It is also a great way to challenge yourself because these prompts vary greatly from week to week. I have definitely drawn things that I would never consider drawing on my own. And because you are there with other folks doing it too, it really motivates you to make something just to be a part of this friendly, uplifting group.

Adam does the amazing job of bringing a community of artists of all levels together to draw for one hour and then shows off the pieces one by one on his stream, giving positive feedback to all. It's inspiring and awesome and we should all strive to lift up the art of others in this way. Art is personal, art is vulnerability. Build up, don't tear down.

Here are some of the things I have drawn in the 1 hour 1 sketch challenge.

Give Adam some support and love by following him on social media!

He hosts several other challenges on his social media as well, including a 4-minute sketch challenge and a doodle shape challenge where you are supposed to use a predetermined shape in your art. He also takes commissions for logos and promo art. Definitely check him out!


Twitch Tales is my series of blog posts dedicated to my adventures streaming on and all of the wonderful streamers I encounter there. Keep an eye out for future Twitch Tales here on

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