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Creating in a small space

You don’t need a lot of workspace to create. Big or small, it's all about your art!

My small cluttered art desk
I probably should have cleaned it up a bit before I took the photo

I love seeing where artists work. All artists. Sometimes you see these giant, bright studios where it seems like everything they own is white or clear glass. They practically sparkle with organization and cleanliness. Other times you see a cluttered little board resting on some drawers with tools and materials scattered everywhere. A chaos that only the artist understands. Both are amazing to me. The in-betweens are pretty amazing too. Seeing the workspace where people are inspired and able to create is just so cool.

My own workspace is pretty tiny, but I love the clutter and I’m so happy that I was able to section out a piece of my home dedicated to my art.

“Remember that it's not the size of the space. It's what you create in it that matters!”

Some inspiration for you own workspace

It’s true. I have an entire Pinterest board just for workstations. I can spend hours just browsing through photos of people’s homes or offices filled with all of the supplies they need to fulfill their craft. It’s amazing. If you want to see some fun set ups, you can follow my board here:

The workspaces I find on Pinterest really help me get ideas of how to maximize my space. At the end of the day creative people make some creative spaces!

Steps I am taking to maximize my own workspace

One addition I’m currently striving for in terms of organization is adding a pegboard. I would like to take advantage of the vertical space I have, since I am limited in horizontal/floor space.

I liked the idea of a metal pegboard because I am not a gentle person and I imagined the traditional pegboards would get torn and broken over time. This will likely stand up to more weight and clumsiness. I’ve even picked out all the accessories I would like to use with it. Now I just have to save up a little money before I can transform my workspace.

So where do you work? Do you have a studio or office room to work in? Have you carved out a section of your living room like I have? Please share some fun workspace ideas!

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