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Determination for a new routine

I reached a point in my life that I am starting to better understand what I am looking for. And so as I begin writing this chapter I have decided to stop filling in all the details and push forward the plot. What does this mean? This means that I have developed a determination to improve my art and maybe somewhere along the way find the means to support myself with it.

I casually opened my Etsy store years ago and from time to time I sit at my desk and churn out a couple of little statues or necklaces. Then I procrastinate taking photos for a couple of months, write up a simple listing and put it up. A good first step in my opinion but one that is leading me nowhere in particular. So I am going to put aside a little time every day to work on my art. How am I holding myself accountable? I have to write up a short blog to document my work. This will be a physical log of my determination.

So let’s do it!

I started by taking photos of the items that I had sitting around waiting to be listed.

Lady did not appreciate the photo op.

Despite the awful cold, I think I did a good job and plan on spending the next couple of days writing up descriptions and posting the items on my Etsy.

Want to see what fun, new stuff I’ve made? Check out my shop at:

Would you like a sneak peek into what I will be working on? Follow me on social media!

While this blog is directly linked with my Facebook and Twitter, I post a lot of fun progress photos on my Instagram. And I love to use Pinterest to gather ideas and inspiration.

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