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Handmade is great

One of the reasons I enjoy making handmade jewelry is because I spend a lot of time nit picking at minor details in jewelry I find. In general I find a lot of things pretty and pleasing to the eye but not necessarily something that I would want to wear. So I decided that I would just make jewelry the way that I want it so I don’t have to buy something that doesn’t fit my needs. I will admit that I am still not where I want to be. But that’s what the learning process is leading me towards. And I am fairly happy with my progress. I like being able to wear something unique and crafted by my own hands. 

Handmade objects have a certain weight to them

When I go online or to craft fairs I try to find items that reflect my personality, my hobbies and my interests but I can be very picky. I love animals and fantasy. I LOVE to wear handmade. It shows how much appreciate making things with my hands. If I can craft it I will do everything I can to do so.

One of my favorite projects is making toys, hammocks and blankets for my animals. Particularly my rats. Any one who has ever had rodents knows that they make quick order out of anything that can be chewed. But man, there is nothing cuter than seeing a pile of ratties smooshed together in a hammock. 

I mean seriously how can anyone even handle those cheeks?

Speaking of rats– has anyone else noticed that there isn’t a lot of cute rat stuff out there? What is up with that? I guess that is what inspired the newest batch of bottlecap charms I am working on.

I love these little handmade guys and can’t wait to bake them so I can paint on the patterns of some of my girls on them. 

Whiskers or no whiskers?

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