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Mermaids, and bottlecaps, and resin. Oh my!

So awhile back (probably over a year ago, now) I started collecting bottlecaps. I’d walk around at parties following the biggest beer guzzlers and depositing the pile of caps they’d make into my bag or pocket. I even had someone mail me a huge bag of discarded caps! It was a pretty fun experience and I collected a very large number of caps.

At this point you’re asking yourself, “why?” Well, dear reader, the answer is simple. I was making jewelry. Mostly pendants but I’ve also made a few earrings. Around that time I also started playing with the idea of using thin layers of clay to make a picture. The result? This cute little mermaid pendant:

So I realized recently that I could very easily make templates for the different layers and make more of them! This would be a great way to test out a range of different colors with them. So that’s what I’m working on now. Check these guys out:

I’m really loving how these are turning out. Can’t wait to get them in the oven! I really do want to have a solid batch of them ready so that I can pour the resin all at once. Resin can be tedious to work with and I find it easier to get it all done in one big batch.

Thanks for tuning in today. Let me know if you have any questions or color requests in the comments section! I’ll be keeping you updated on their progress as I continue to work on them.

See you all next time!

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