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Opening the Den doors

Here’s my first official dragon den blog post! Yay! Let’s do this Internet! Let’s document all of my creating!

I’m hoping this will give me some accountability and I will have no choice but to make something as often as I can so I can post frequently. Let’s see how (if?) this works out.

So, let me begin by introducing myself and telling you what I’m all about. Or what I’m somewhat about because “all” would end up being a very long and boring blog post. My name is Suany and I like to make things. Vague. I know. But I really do just enjoy making things of all kinds. I love crafting, art, cooking, dog training. Anything where I take something, poke at it a bit and get something else out of it. Yeah, that’s it. I like that.

So what is this blog about, then? That. Creating. I’m going to be documenting my adventures in creating. My favorite mediums are polymer clay, silver wire, resin and PMC (precious metal clay) to make jewelry, sculpture, decorations. All sorts of cool stuff. Want to see what kind of interesting stuff I’ll make? Stick around and learn with me. It’ll be a fun journey.

Also you’ll want to stick around because you’ll get to see this guy:

And let’s face it. I know everyone sticks around just so they can see Lady. She’s pretty amazing.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be seeing you soon, folks!

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