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Writing descriptions can be daunting

Writing descriptions for my Etsy shop is difficult. So difficult that it is often the barrier between me listing an item or not. I put off listing fun stuff that I’ve made because I take the pictures, upload them, fill out the form and then stare at the “Description” box for a couple of hours before I click on another tab and get distracted away. This clearly does nothing to help me get my shop up and running. I mean one of the top tips I read just about everywhere for Etsy success says that you should have a LOT of stuff listed. Well what if a solid amount of my items just sit in this limbo?

Those are 8 items that someone out there could want to buy…

So what do I do about this problem? I learn how to write product descriptions and WRITE THEM. Done is better than perfect and I have to get it done. But that doesn’t solve the fact that I don’t know how to write these descriptions.

Descriptions don’t have to be perfect

I worry a lot about writing the perfect description. Something engaging and exciting. and describes the item to the minute detail so that the customer knows exactly what they are getting. Something dynamic that draws you and says “HEY! BUY THIS THING!” I have to stop thinking like that. Yes, it would be great for my description to be all of those things, but even the worst description is going to do more for me than not posting anything.

Etsy itself has great articles and resources for learning to write stellar product descriptions.

One of my favorite tips is to go on Etsy and start searching for similar items as yours. Read all the descriptions. What kinds of things are these stores writing?  So I spend a decent amount of time reading other descriptions to get ideas. 

Well I think it’s time to go make sure these fun, new, listings don’t get left by the wayside!

Except that dragon… my cats totally ate his nose… he needs repairs…

Time to go write some product descriptions.

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