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Celebrate your beloved pet with a stunning custom digital portrait! Each artwork captures the unique personality and charm of your furry friend, making it a perfect keepsake or gift. Up to two pets per portrait. Have more than two animals? Just shoot me an e-mail and we can work it out there.


Looking for something a little more.... dragon-y? For an extra $25, give your pet a magical makeover and transform them into a majestic dragon! Imagine your pet with dragon wings and scales.


For a Limited Time Support a Great Cause! Portraits on sale with 50% of all proceeds going directly to Central Jersey Animal Rescue, helping to provide care and find loving homes for animals in need.

Order your custom pet portrait today and make a difference! 🐶🐱🐲


Note: Until May 31st, 2024 all portraits will be digital only for the charity sale.

Custom Digital Pet Portraits

PriceFrom $97.00
  • Time can vary depending on the number of portraits on my waitlist but you can expect a digital-only portrait to take 1-3weeks and a canvas print to take up to a 6 weeks.

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