Making homemade alcohol inks

I have seen a few projects using alcohol inks (particularly on Pinterest). I mean, look at these beautiful examples and fascinating tips at The Enchanted Gallery. For those of you that haven’t heard of them before, alcohol inks are a type of painting medium that is used for nonporous surfaces. It kind of looks like overly pigmented watercolor and you can achieve some really amazing effects with it.

Naturally, I wanted to try it, so I carted my husband off to some arts and craft stores in search. They were nowhere to be found! Argh! I found this frustrating. Of course I could order them online, but I have a habit of liking to have art supplies in my hands. I like to look and get a feel for them before I buy them. So I did the next best thing. I decided to make some. 

I watched a few YouTube tutorials, such as 3140Babygirl‘s, and decided that it was a feasible task. So I enlisted the assistance of my wonderful husband yet again and off to the dollar store we drove. I bought three packs of generic permanent markers, three packages of glitter glue (I will explain why soon), a couple of tubs, and a ceramic doggy (this had nothing to do with making alcohol inks but he was just SO CUTE!).

Here is how I made the alcohol inks

The first thing I did was squeeze all of the glitter glue out into the tubs. I actually just wanted the perfectly sized squeeze bottles. There were eight marker colors so I bought three packages of the glitter glue (that came in a package of three) for nine bottles.

I love how shimmery glitter glue is but I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet.

Then I thouroughly washed out the bottles so they would be ready to become alcohol inks!

Look at that perfectly clean bottle.

Next I prepared my workspace by putting down a plastic cover and filled the bottles with 9