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Building Dungeons

I love playing board games and Dungeons and Dragons with my friends. It’s great to have everyone gather together and role play,  especially in my favorite genre of high fantasy. In fact, my husband, a handful of friends and I began a campaign over this last year where I was tasked to be the Dungeon Master. Now, as much as I love the freedom of just being a character,  being a DM has been fascinating. I’ve been able to plot out story elements, set up gameboard, help people put together their characters. All sorts of fun stuff. 

First thing I did was put together an inexpensive dry-erase board where we could draw out the settings we were in.

I was pretty happy with the result, but after we played on it I felt that I wanted more. More detail. More props to aid immersion. So I got building and put together a dungeon tile. Yes, just one to start with. I wanted to see how it would fit on our map and if it would be a viable way to play. 

Well… I made the one and got very excited. 

Making sure the miniatures fit well in the square tiles

Now I’ve been building custom tiles for the dungeon we are currently in. Here are some unfinished (some pieces still need paint) pieces in action:

Still need paint but I was laying out the pieces

I even made some tiny furniture!

So tiny!

Well what do you guys think? Curious as to how the D&D players feel about this. If I build any more items for my D&D campaign I’ll be sure to update!

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